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Question 1: Gustnadoes actually have more in common with whirlwinds (which include ________, whirlwinds that form due to superheated surface layers and stretched vorticity, most commonly on sunny, warm days with light winds).
TornadoDust devilIranKenya

Question 2: The name is a portmanteau of "________ tornado", as gustnadoes form due to non-tornadic cyclonic features in the downdraft from the gust (outflow) front of a strong thunderstorm, especially one which has become outflow dominated.
WindSquall lineWeather radarOutflow boundary

Question 3: A gustnado is a specific type of short-lived, low-level cyclonic cloud that can form in a ________.
MeteorologyThunderstormPrecipitation (meteorology)Severe weather

Question 4: It has little in common with tornadoes structurally in terms of vertical development, or in regard to intensity, longevity, and formative process (as classic ________ are associated with mesocyclones in the upflow of the storm, not the outflow).
ThunderstormSevere weatherMeteorologyTornado


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