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Guqin: Quiz


Question 1:
What format does Guqin follow?

Question 2: A number of qin melodies are ________ depicting the natural world.
Symphonic poemProgram musicClassical musicMaurice Ravel

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Guqin have?
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Liu Shui u300Au6D41u6C34u300B "Flowing Water"
Magnetic North

Question 4: The guqin is not to be confused with the ________, another Chinese long zither also without frets, but with moveable bridges under each string.
LiuqinSe (instrument)RuanGuzheng

Question 5: The most common tuning, "zheng diao" 〈正調〉, is pentatonic: 5 6 1 2 3 5 6 (which can be also played as 1 2 4 5 6 1 2) in the traditional Chinese number system or ________ [53] (i.e.
Key signatureNumbered musical notationDotted notePitch (music)

Question 6: However, the honkyoku [64] (standard repertoire) of the ichigenkin today most closely resembles that of the ________.

Question 7: [3] Other incorrect classifications, mainly from music compact discs, include "________" or "table-harp".
EnglandHarpIrelandUnited Kingdom

Question 8: At other times, the music that is mimed to is ________ music, rather than qin music.
RuanGuzhengLiuqinSe (instrument)

Question 9: Some emperors of China also had a liking to the qin, including the ________ emperor, Huizong, as clearly seen in his own painting of himself playing the qin in "Ting Qin Tu" [6].
Han DynastySong DynastyMing DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 10: They may also participate in ________ or research.
EconomicsCompetitionHumanCompetition (economics)

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