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Gupta script: Quiz


Question 1: The Gupta Script was descended from the Ashokan ________, and is a crucial link between Brahmi and most other scripts in the Brahmic family of Scripts, a family of alphasyllabaries or abugidas.
Brāhmī scriptTibetan scriptSanskritKhmer script

Question 2: The Gupta script (sometimes referred to as Gupta Brahmi Script or Late Brahmi Script[1] ) was used for writing Sanskrit and is associated with the ________ of India which was a period of material prosperity and great religious and scientific developments.
Pala EmpireHarshaChola DynastyGupta Empire

Question 3: The Gupta script was descended from Brahmi and gave rise to the ________, Sharada and Siddham scripts.
Malayalam scriptGujarati scriptBengali scriptDevanagari

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