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Question 1: This can be lowered to around 115 db through the use of a ________ and subsonic ammunition.
United StatesSuppressorHeckler & Koch MP5.22 Long Rifle

Question 2: Some doctrines of survival training allow for the use of three gunshots with an interval of one or two seconds as a ________.
SOSMorse codeDistress signalCQD

Question 3: A typical rifle gunshot is very loud — in the region of 140 to 170 ________ while the threshold for pain is 130 db[1].
DecibelNoise (electronics)Sound pressureLogarithm

Question 4: A gunshot is the discharge of a ________, and the sound effect thereof; the term can also refer to a wound caused by such a discharge.
FirearmHandgunM16 rifleAssault rifle

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