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Gunbuster: Quiz


Question 1: It was the directorial debut of ________, best known as the director of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Hideaki AnnoAnimageNeon Genesis Evangelion (anime)Gainax

Question 2: The story begins in the year 2023, not long after the first battles with the aliens, and centers on young Noriko Takaya (タカヤ・ノリコ Takaya Noriko) (voice: ________).
InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across TimeInuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking GlassNoriko HidakaInuYasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island

Question 3: The character of Smith Toren was named after ________ (reversed to fit Japanese name patterns).
Adam WarrenMangaToren SmithStudio Proteus

Question 4: Upon being informed of the alteration at ________ 2007, Gainax President Hiroyuki Yamaga stated that he was unaware until that moment, even checking with a colleague before responding.
Santa Clara, CaliforniaStanford UniversityFanimeConSan Jose, California

Question 5: It was then released on three ________ with a later boxset containing two new science episodes.
Blu-ray DiscHD DVDDVDLaserdisc

Question 6: It is notable for being one of the few anime series to deal with the concept of ________ in a realistic way, and indeed makes it one of its central plot elements.
Proper timeTime dilationSpacetimeGravitational time dilation

Question 7: The series was originally released in Japan over three volumes on ________ videocassette, with two episodes per volume.
VHSLaserdiscHD DVDBlu-ray Disc

Question 8: The series was first released in English in ________ starting in March 1990 on video by U.S. Renditions as their first release.
Americas (terminology)North AmericaSouth AmericaAmericas

Question 9: The title is a combination of the titles of classic ________ anime Aim for the Ace!, whose plot inspired Gunbuster's, and the 1986 film Top Gun.
TennisTennis statisticsATP RankingsRafael Nadal

Question 10: He likened it to feelings he had over changes Yoshiyuki Tomino had made to his landmark first ________ series.
Mobile Suit GundamGundamGundam modelGundam (mobile suit)

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