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Question 1: At first, guns on ________ were either fixed in orientation or mounted on simple swivel mounts.
Business jetDouble-deck aircraftWide-body aircraftAircraft

Question 2: "wing" - a handful of very large aircraft, such as the ________ and the Blohm & Voss BV 222, had manned turrets in the wings
Messerschmitt Me 321Messerschmitt Bf 109Messerschmitt Bf 110Messerschmitt Me 323

Question 3: In modern tanks, the turret is armoured for crew protection and rotates a full 360 degrees carrying a single large-calibre ________, typically in the range of 105 mm to 125 mm calibre.
BMP-1Tank gunM1 AbramsLeopard 2

Question 4: Those that saw combat during the early part of ________ were found to be heavy and slow and the concept was soon dropped.
World War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 5: Therefore, the early ________ featured "all big gun" armaments of 11 or 12 inches calibre, some of which were mounted in wing turrets.
HMS Dreadnought (1906)Pre-dreadnought battleshipDreadnoughtBattlecruiser

Question 6: One of the earliest turret gun ships was the USS Monitor of 1862, which mounted two muzzle loading ________ in a fully rotating armoured drum.
ArtilleryCannonGunpowderCannon operation

Question 7: Turret of the ________; this could retract into the ground when not firing, for added protection
Ouvrage SoetrichOuvrage MolvangeOuvrage RochonvillersMaginot Line

Question 8: The first bomber in the ________ to carry a power operated turret was the Boulton Paul Overstrand which first flew in 1933.
Royal Air ForceBritish ArmyLuftwaffeBritish Armed Forces

Question 9: Aiming ________ may be mounted inside the turret.
FirearmM2 Browning machine gunMachine gunAssault rifle

Question 10: In large ________, wing turrets contributed to the main battery, although the casemate mounting was more common.
Invincible class battlecruiserBattlecruiserHMS Dreadnought (1906)Armored cruiser

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