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Question 1: The early Chinese, the inventors of gunpowder, used ________, a naturally tubular wood, as the first barrels in gunpowder projectile weapons.

Question 2: ________ and brass were favoured by gunsmiths, due to their ease of casting and their ability to resist the corrosion created by the combustion of gunpowder.

Question 3: Early European guns were made of ________, usually several bands of the metal arranged around circular wrought iron rings and then welded into a hollow cylinder.
Cast ironWrought ironSteelBlast furnace

Question 4: A gun barrel is the tube, usually metal, through which a controlled ________ or rapid expansion of gases are released in order to propel a projectile out of the end at a high velocity.
EnergySunExplosionExplosive material

Question 5: A gun barrel must be able to hold in the expanding gas produced by the propellants to ensure that optimum muzzle velocity is attained by the ________ or shell as it is being pushed out by the expanding gas(es).
.303 BritishAmmunitionCartridge (firearms)Bullet

Question 6: The Chinese were the first to master cheap ________ cannon barrels.
Cast ironAlloy steelWrought ironSteel

Question 7: Early ________ were mostly muzzle loading (loaded from the mouth rather than the breech), which tends to be a slow and complicated procedure, resulting in a low rate of fire.
FirearmM16 rifleHandgunAssault rifle


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