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Question 1: Thicker picks are generally used in more discrete genres, such as heavy metal or ________.
Heavy metal subgenresFolk metalPower metalBlack metal

Question 2: They are often shaped in an acute isosceles ________ with the two equal corners rounded and the third corner rounded to a lesser extent.

Question 3: Some other brands (Gibson, Fender, Peavey, ________) occasionally use a somewhat cryptic system of letters or text designations to mark the thickness.
Icom IncorporatedRoland CorporationIbanezMitsubishi Electric

Question 4: Brand names for DuPont ________ which is specially treated to have a matte, opaque surface, surprisingly easy to grip even with sweaty fingers.
PolystyrenePlasticPolycarbonatePolyoxymethylene plastic

Question 5: ________ guitar players tend to use quite heavy picks, as they also tend to favor heavy gauge flat-wound strings.
American popular musicDixielandBluesJazz

Question 6: Many ________ musicians only use picks thicker than 1.5mm, because it allows more control over heavy gauge strings.
Heavy metal musicDeath metalBlack metalHeavy metal subgenres

Question 7: ________ of Queen uses picks which replicate his original choice — a silver sixpence coin.
'39We Will Rock YouBrian MayRoger Meddows-Taylor

Question 8: ________ features a mystical guitar pick carved from the tooth of Satan, which possesses "supra-natural" qualities (a "whole other level above super-natural").
Dave GrohlTenacious D in The Pick of DestinyMore Rocktastic Music from the FilmTenacious D (TV series)

Question 9: ________ from ZZ Top uses a regular Mexican peso,[3][4] usually filed down to more usual pick shape, resembling 351.
Cheap SunglassesDusty HillLa Grange (song)Billy Gibbons

Question 10: Many players will often have spare picks attached to a ________ stand or slotted in the guitar's pickguard.
Central processing unitSound cardMicrophoneHard disk drive

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