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Question 1:
What classis does Guinea pig belong to?

Question 2: [45] Larger animals may regard guinea pigs as prey, though some (such as ________) can be trained to accept them.
Coat (dog)DogDog breedDog health

Question 3: [117] The negative connotation of the term was later employed in the novel The Guinea Pigs by ________ author Ludvík Vaculík as an allegory for Soviet totalitarianism.
SlovakiaCzech RepublicPragueCzechs

Question 4: [48] Rabbits may also harbor diseases (such as the respiratory infections ________ and Pasteurella), to which guinea pigs are susceptible.
Bordetella pertussisBordetella parapertussisBordetella bronchisepticaBordetella

Question 5:
What is the subfamilia of Guinea pig?

Question 6: [116] The book became a national bestseller in the United States, thus further popularizing the term, and spurred the growth of the ________ movement.
Consumer protectionCompetition lawProduct liabilityCommon law

Question 7: [88] Additionally, any plant which grows from a bulb (e.g., tulip and ________) is normally considered poisonous.
LeekGarlicOnionCommon fig

Question 8:
What phylum does Guinea pig belong to?

Question 9:
What genus does Guinea pig belong to?

Question 10: [119] Because guinea pigs are one of the few animals which, like humans, cannot synthesize vitamin C but must obtain it from their diet, they are ideal for researching ________.
ObesityScurvyIron deficiency (medicine)Childhood obesity

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