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Question 1: The free software community has from time to time explored a guild-like structure to unite against competition from ________, e.g.
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMicrosoft Office

Question 2: In Ghent as in ________ the woolen textile industry developed as a congeries of specialized guilds.

Question 3: In online computer games players form groups called ________.
VentriloMassively multiplayer online role-playing gameMassively multiplayer online gameClan (computer gaming)

Question 4: St. Eloy's Hospice, the last Guild ________ in Utrecht, Netherlands
KitchenHouseSingle-family detached homeBuilding

Question 5: By that time, many former handicraft workers had been forced to seek employment in the emerging manufacturing industries, using not closely guarded techniques but standardized methods controlled by ________.
Companies lawCorporate lawCorporationCompany

Question 6: In part due to their own inability to control unruly ________ behavior, the tide turned against the guilds.
CompanyCorporate lawCompanies lawCorporation

Question 7: By about 1100, European guilds (or gilds) and livery companies began their medieval progression into an approximate equivalent to modern-day ________ organizations such as institutes or consortia.
BusinessCorporationCompanies lawCorporate law

Question 8: They were organized in a manner something between a trade union, a ________ and a secret society.
Competition lawCollusionCartelEuropean Union

Question 9: Guilds are sometimes said to be the precursors of modern trade unions, and also, paradoxically, of some aspects of the modern ________.
CompanyCorporate lawCorporationCompanies law

Question 10: ________ guilds are also very common and are found in almost all areas of the United States.


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