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Guided missile destroyer: Quiz


Question 1: Some guided missile destroyers contain powerful weapon system radars, like the United States’ ________, and may be adopted for use in an anti-missile role or a ballistic missile defense role.
United States NavyUnited States Naval AviatorUnited States Fifth FleetAegis Combat System

Question 2: List of DDGs of the ________
Takanami class destroyerImperial Japanese NavyKongō class destroyerJapan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Question 3: ________ (2 ships)
Type 052 destroyerType 052B destroyerType 054 frigateType 052C destroyer

Question 4: In the U.S. Navy, their ________ is DDG.
United States Naval reactorHull classification symbolFleet WeekUnited States Naval Special Warfare Command

Question 5: This is especially true of navies which no longer operate ________, as other vessels must be adopted to fill in the gap.

Question 6: ________
Durand de la Penne class destroyerGuided missile destroyerImpavido class destroyerAudace class destroyer

Question 7: List of DDGs of the ________
History of the Republic of Korea NavySouth KoreaRepublic of Korea NavyRepublic of Korea Armed Forces

Question 8: A guided missile destroyer is a ________ designed to launch guided missiles.
Fletcher class destroyerTribal class destroyer (1936)DestroyerV and W class destroyer


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