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Guerrilla marketing: Quiz


Question 1: Printing • Publication • ________
Out-of-home • Internet marketing
Point of sale • Promotional items
Digital marketing • In-game
In-store demonstration • Word of mouth
BroadcastingMass mediaTelevision stationRadio

Question 2: Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, ________.

Question 3: Guerrilla Marketing is specifically geared for the ________ and entrepreneur.
CorporationLawyerSmall businessInsurance

Question 4: ________ — through social networks
Viral marketingWebsiteTwitterFacebook

Question 5: Product • Pricing • Promotion
Distribution • Service • Retail
Account-based marketing
Marketing ethics
Marketing effectiveness
Market research
Market segmentation
Marketing strategy
Marketing management
Market dominance
Positioning (marketing)Brand implementationBrand managementCorporate branding

Question 6: It should be based on ________ rather than experience, judgment, and guesswork.
NeuropsychologySigmund FreudPsychologyCognitive neuroscience

Question 7: ________ • Branding • Underwriting
Direct marketing • Personal Sales
Product placement • Publicity
Sales promotion • Sex in advertising
Cause marketingAdvertisingAdvertising researchMarketing ethics

Question 8: The concept of ________ marketing was invented as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.
WarAncient warfareMilitary historyGuerrilla warfare

Question 9: More innovative approaches to Guerrilla marketing now utilize cutting edge mobile digital technologies to really engage the consumer and create a memorable ________ experience.
AdvertisingProduct placementBrandBrand management

Question 10: Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional; potentially ________;[1] and consumers are targeted in unexpected places.
Information scienceUser interfaceHuman–computer interactionInteractivity


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