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Question 1: For decades Gudrun Burwitz has been a prominent symbol and idol in ________ .
Alois HudalStille HilfeAdolf EichmannWalter Rauff

Question 2: At various meetings, for instance the annual Ulrichsberg gathering in ________, she enjoys the status as both a star and an authority.
PolandHungaryAustriaCzech Republic

Question 3: Her parents were ________, Reichsf├╝hrer-SS and head of the German police, and Margarete (born Boden).
Heinrich HimmlerThe HolocaustAdolf HitlerJoseph Goebbels

Question 4: She was a longtime friend of ________ (died in 2007), who was known in the Netherlands as "the black widow" and was active in Nazi circles after the war.
Meinoud Rost van TonningenNational Socialist Movement in the NetherlandsFlorentine Rost van TonningenArthur Seyss-Inquart

Question 5: She has remained active in the Nazi community (________), and has since 1951 been a member of Stille Hilfe, an organisation providing support to arrested, condemned or fugitive former SS-members.
Nazi GermanyNeo-fascismThird PositionNeo-Nazism

Question 6: In 1952 she helped to found Wiking-Jugend which was organized after the ________ model.
Nazi PartyNazismHitler YouthNeo-Nazism

Question 7: This was particularly evident in the case of Anton Malloth, a supervisor of ________, who was extradited to Germany in 1988 and after a prolonged public trial was sentenced in 2001 to life in prison.
Adolf HitlerThe HolocaustTheresienstadt concentration campHolocaust train

Question 8: [5] After ________ she and her mother were held in detention by the British occupying powers for four years.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese WarWorld War II

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