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Question 1: A guberniya was ruled by a ________ (губернатор, gubernator), a word borrowed from Latin gubernator, in turn from Greek kybernates.
GovernorUnited StatesAustraliaCanada

Question 2: After the ________, the Russian Provisional Government renamed governors into guberniya commissars.
February RevolutionOctober RevolutionVladimir LeninRussian Revolution (1917)

Question 3: The ________ left the subdivision in place, but the governing apparatus was replaced by guberniya soviets (губернский совет).
October RevolutionVladimir LeninRussian Civil WarRussian Provisional Government

Question 4: These viceroyalties were governed by namestniki (наместник) (literal translation: "deputy") or "________" (генерал-губернатор, general-gubernator).
Commonwealth realmAustraliaGovernor-GeneralJamaica

Question 5: A guberniya (Russian: губерния, IPA [ɡuˈbʲernʲɪjə]) (also gubernia, guberniia, gubernya) was a major administrative subdivision of the ________ usually translated as government, governorate, or province.
Russian EmpireGolden HordeOttoman EmpireBritish Empire

Question 6: The latter subdivision existed until after the ________.
Vladimir LeninOctober RevolutionRussian Revolution (1917)Russian Civil War

Question 7: Actual subdivisions of the ________ into particular territorial units was subject to numerous changes, especially during the 1918–1929 period.
Soviet UnionEast GermanyRussiaJoseph Stalin

Question 8: There is another archaic meaning of the word as the word denoted a type of estate in former Lithuania of the ________ till 1917.
British EmpireOttoman EmpireGolden HordeRussian Empire

Question 9: For the guberniya (Russian: губе́рния, Polish: gubernia, Swedish: län, Finnish: lääni) as subdivisions of the Kingdom of Poland ("Russian Poland") and the Grand Duchy of Finland ("Russian Finland"); see ________ and Governorates of the Grand Duchy of Finland.
WarsawCongress PolandHistory of PolandNovember Uprising


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