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Guardians of the Universe: Quiz


Question 1: The Guardians of the Universe are a fictional extraterrestrial race in the ________ universe.
SuperheroSupermanVertigo (DC Comics)DC Comics

Question 2: In ________ they appear briefly in the beginning of "The Return" where they deny Stewart's request to leave Earth and take a tour of duty on Oa.
Justice League UnlimitedStatic ShockBatman: The Brave and the BoldBatman Beyond

Question 3: They have been placed in Hal Jordan's ring for safe keeping while he fought ________.
StarroAmazoDesperoLex Luthor

Question 4: Finally, the ________ was established to replace the Manhunters and the Hallas.
Green Lantern CorpsHal JordanJohn Stewart (comics)Green Arrow

Question 5: The Hallas, an intergalactic police corps wielding power guns channeling the emerald energy, was a short-lived successor of the Manhunters and a precursor to the successful ________.
Green ArrowGreen Lantern CorpsHal JordanJohn Stewart (comics)

Question 6: ________ (future and last Guardian of the Universe)
MogoSodam YatMongulSuperboy-Prime

Question 7: Within the Green Lantern stories, the Guardians of the Universe are the immortal founders and leaders of the ________, which they administrate from their homeworld Oa at the center of the universe.
Green ArrowHal JordanGreen Lantern CorpsJohn Stewart (comics)

Question 8: They appeared to achieve their goal, though Superman still intervened where major disasters such as ________ and typhoons were concerned.
Geotechnical engineeringEarthquakeLandslideS-wave

Question 9: They waged a war against ________.
New GodsDarkseidAnti-Life EquationApokolips

Question 10: The Guardians have since been restored when ________, as Ion, recharged the Central Power Battery.
Hal JordanSuperboy-PrimeKyle RaynerJohn Stewart (comics)


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