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Guanosine triphosphate: Quiz


Question 1: Its structure is similar to that of the guanine nucleobase, the only difference being that nucleotides like GTP have a ribose sugar and three ________, with the nucleobase attached to the 1' and the triphosphate moiety attached to the 5' carbons of the ribose.
PhosphatePhosphorusAdenosine triphosphatePhosphate homeostasis

Question 2: Guanosine-5'-triphosphate (GTP) is a purine ________.
Adenosine monophosphateAdenineAdenosine triphosphateNucleotide

Question 3: For instance, a GTP molecule is generated by one of the enzymes in the ________.
MetabolismGlycolysisBiochemistryCitric acid cycle

Question 4: GTP is essential to signal transduction, particularly with ________, in second-messenger mechanisms where it is converted to GDP (guanosine diphosphate) through the action of GTPases.
G proteinRas (protein)ATP7APlasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase

Question 5: It can act as a substrate for the synthesis of ________ during the transcription process.
Small interfering RNARNADNANon-coding RNA


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