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Question 1: Bat guano is usually mined in caves and this mining is associated with a corresponding loss of troglobytic biota and diminishing of ________.
BiodiversityEcosystemNatureConservation biology

Question 2: Incas collected guano from the coast of ________ for use as soil enricher.

Question 3: Currently vast volumes of phosphorus are needed to produce ________, as it is an essential plant macronutrient.

Question 4: Guano is harvested on various islands in the Pacific Ocean (for example, the Chincha Islands) and in other oceans (for example, Juan de Nova Island and ________).
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsNew CaledoniaChristmas IslandNorfolk Island

Question 5: The word "guano" originates from the Quichua language of the ________ and means "the droppings of sea birds".
Inca EmpireInca civilizationPre-Columbian eraFrancisco Pizarro

Question 6: Superphosphate made from guano is used for ________.
Aerial topdressingAerial applicationRoyal New Zealand Air ForceAgricultural aircraft

Question 7: Guano consists of ________, along with uric, phosphoric, oxalic, and carbonic acids, as well as some earth salts and impurities.

Question 8: ________ that is deficient in organic matter can be made more productive by addition of this manure.
LandslideSoilWater wellClay

Question 9: The discovery during the 1840s of the use of guano as a ________ and saltpeter as a key ingredient in explosives made the area strategically valuable.

Question 10: [1] Guano manure is an effective ________ and gunpowder ingredient due to its high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen and also its lack of odor.

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