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Question 1:
What is the largest city of Guangxi?

Question 2: ________ (韦国清): 1958-1975
Zhou EnlaiWei GuoqingMao ZedongDeng Xiaoping

Question 3: Guangxi (or Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; simplified Chinese: 广西壮族自治区traditional Chinese: 廣西壯族自治區________: Guǎngxī Zhuàngzú Zìzhìqū) is a Zhuang autonomous region of the People's Republic of China.
ISO/IEC 8859-8PinyinISO/IEC 646ISO/IEC 8859-3

Question 4: But the shortage of talent and professionals in petrochemicals, iron and steel, ________, finance, tourism, port planning, logistics and marine industries are bottlenecks.
ElectricityElectromagnetismElectric currentElectric charge

Question 5:
What is the population of Guangxi?

Question 6:
What is the abbreviation of Guangxi?

Question 7: In recent years Guangxi's economy has languished behind that of its wealthy neighbour and twin, the province of ________.
Cantonese (Yue)GuangzhouGuangdongShenzhen

Question 8: Part of the region officially became part of China in 214 BC, when the army of the ________ claimed most of southern China.
Qin DynastyHan DynastyMing DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 9: Due to lack of investment in construction in the ________ net in rural areas, more than 400 villages in Guangxi Province were not included in the projects.
Smart gridHigh-voltage direct currentElectrical gridSuper grid

Question 10: After the founding of the ________, Guangxi served as the base for one of the most powerful warlord cliques of China: the Old Guangxi Clique.
Republic of ChinaVietnamPeople's Republic of ChinaPhilippines

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