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Guan Yu: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Guan Yu have?
with Joe Thomas
Jeolla Province
Member of Parliament for Linlithgowshire

Question 2: Hua also suggested that Guan Yu be blindfolded and have his arm secured tightly because the surgery would be performed in the absence of ________ and most patients were unable to bear with the excruciating pain.
MedicinePain managementAnesthesiaPsychiatry

Question 3: Guan Yu is revered as Saintly Emperor Guan (simplified Chinese: 关圣帝君traditional Chinese: 關聖帝君pinyin: Gūanshèngdìjūn) and a leading subduer of demons in ________.
BuddhismTaoismEast Asian religionsPantheism

Question 4: In 1614, the ________ bestowed on Guan Yu the title of Saintly Emperor Guan the Great God Who Subdues Demons of the Three Worlds and Whose Awe Spreads Far and Moves Heaven (三界伏魔大神威遠震天尊關聖帝君).
Longqing EmperorJiajing EmperorWanli EmperorZhengde Emperor

Question 5: The apotheosis of Guan Yu occurred in stages, as he was given ever higher ________.
Chinese characterEmperor Go-IchijōEmperor Go-DaigoPosthumous name

Question 6: In 208, Cao Cao initiated the southern campaign and seized control of parts of Jingzhou north of the ________.
HubeiShanghaiYangtze RiverJiangsu

Question 7: In the ________'s Anachronism card game, Guan Yu's cards have high initiative.
History (TV channel)History (South East Asian TV channel)Crime & Investigation Network (South East Asia)The Biography Channel

Question 8: In Hong Kong, a ________ for Guan Yu is located in each police station.
ShrinePilgrimageBahá'í FaithAltar

Question 9: ________, the second emperor of Shu Han, gave Guan Yu the posthumous title of Marquis Zhuangmou (壯繆侯) four decades after his death.
Liu BeiJiang WeiZhao YunLiu Shan

Question 10:
When did Guan Yu die?

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