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Guadalcanal Campaign: Quiz


Question 1: One of these was the recently promoted Colonel ________, who was placed in command of the 5th Marine Regiment.
Merritt A. EdsonMarine RaidersUnited States Marine CorpsGuadalcanal Campaign

Question 2: The supply ships were protected by two task groups, commanded by Rear Admirals ________ and Norman Scott, and aircraft from Henderson Field.
United States NavyWilliam M. CallaghanDaniel J. CallaghanUSS San Francisco (CA-38)

Question 3:
What was Guadalcanal Campaign a part of?
United States Pacific Fleet , Military Sealift Command
World War II and Pacific War
the Pacific Theater of World War II
Ridda wars and

Question 4: The anchorage around Tulagi became an important advanced base for Allied warships and transport ships supporting the ________.
Solomon Islands campaignGuadalcanal CampaignAttack on Pearl HarborPacific War

Question 5: One Australian and three American cruisers were sunk, and one American cruiser and two destroyers were damaged in the ________.
Guadalcanal CampaignBattle of Cape EsperanceNaval Battle of GuadalcanalBattle of Savo Island

Question 6: Army's ________ boarded ships at New Caledonia for the trip to Guadalcanal with a projected arrival date of October 13.
1st Marine Division (United States)Guadalcanal Campaign32nd Infantry Division (United States)23rd Infantry Division (United States)

Question 7:
Who was a commander in the Guadalcanal Campaign?
Robert, Lord Maxwell,
Robert II, Count of Flanders
Brigadier Sir Robert Sale
Robert Ghormley

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the Guadalcanal Campaign?
c. 1,000?
1,000 killed or wounded
1,000 captured
1,000 PoW

Question 9:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Guadalcanal Campaign?
United States of America

Question 10:
Where did Guadalcanal Campaign take place?
North of Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands
Vella Lavella in the Solomon Islands
Near the island of Lade, off the coast of Miletus
Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands


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