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Grumman F3F: Quiz


Question 1: ________
United States Army Air CorpsUnited States Army Air Forces1st Operations Group9th Operations Group

Question 2: A few F3Fs were used by the ________ as ferry-pilot trainers, under the designation UC-103.
1st Operations GroupUnited States Army Air CorpsUnited States Army Air Forces9th Operations Group

Question 3: The ________ F3F was the last American biplane fighter aircraft delivered to the United States Navy, and served between the wars.
GrummanA-6 IntruderF-14 TomcatF4F Wildcat

Question 4: ________: FU • XF2U • XF3U • F4U • XF5U • F6U • F7U • F8U/XF8U-3
VoughtA-7 Corsair IISB2U VindicatorO2U Corsair

Question 5: Grumman: FF • F2F • F3F • F4F • XF5F • F6F • F7F • F8F • ________/F9F Cougar • XF10F • F11F • XF12F
Grumman F3FF2H BansheeF-4 Phantom IIF9F Panther

Question 6: The F3F which inherited the same landing gear configuration served as the basis for a biplane design ultimately developed into the much more successful ________.
F4F WildcatF6F HellcatGrumman F3FF8F Bearcat

Question 7: It was retired from front line squadrons at the end of 1941 before it could serve in World War II, and was first replaced by the ________.
F4F WildcatP-38 LightningBrewster BuffaloF4U Corsair

Question 8: A Grumman F3F-2 was ditched off the coast of ________ on 29 August 1940 while attempting a landing on Saratoga.
San Diego County, CaliforniaSan DiegoLos AngelesSan Jose, California

Question 9: ________: FB • F2B • F3B • F4B • XF5B • XF6B • XF7B • XF8B
McDonald'sCaterpillar Inc.Kraft FoodsBoeing

Question 10: Powerplant:Wright R-1820-22 "Cyclone" 9-cylinder ________, 950 hp (710 kW)
Radial engineRotary engineTwo-stroke engineFour-stroke engine


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