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Question 1: These codes can appear in ________ and film descriptions, member profiles in online communities, and personal ads.
Maurice GirodiasPornographyObscenityErotic literature

Question 2: In many cultures, public intercourse is considered taboo and is illegal (see ________); many groups also frown upon sex that is not monogamous.
NudityPublic nudityIndecent exposureChristian naturism

Question 3: Group sex may involve a specific set of sexual activities; for example, some involve ________, while "vanilla" group sex does not.
ProstitutionHuman sexualityBDSMErotic spanking

Question 4: As the experiments and bohemian lifestyles of the 1960s became absorbed by the mainstream, group sex in a variety of forms became tremendously popular in the United States and ________ in the 1970s.
BalkansEuropeWestern EuropeEastern Europe

Question 5: Many venues where group sex often take place provide condoms, dental dams, latex ________, lubricant, or other tools for safer sex to participants.
TrousersHelmetGloveBlanket sleeper

Question 6: The events themselves may be characterized by sex; for example, a straight group sex session would involve only ________ sex.
HeterosexualityHomosexualityBisexualitySexual orientation

Question 7: Among ________, the relative availability of men and women is also a concern for participants, as social stigma or other factors structures the extent to which many men or women feel comfortable being promiscuous.
HeterosexualitySexual orientationBisexualityHomosexuality

Question 8: Group sex also sometimes takes place in ________, bathhouses, massage parlors, or bars, although such places are sometimes subject to legal repercussions.

Question 9: Group sex is ________ involving more than three participants at the same time.
Human sexual behaviorOrgasmSexual intercourseMasturbation

Question 10: Within the ________ and D/s subcultures, upper and lower case letters can signify dominant (or top) and submissive (or bottom).
BDSMErotic spankingProstitutionHuman sexuality

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