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Group marriage: Quiz


Question 1: Group marriage is sometimes called polygamy or even polygynandry, from a combination of the words polygyny and ________.
CompersionPolyandryPolyamoryOpen marriage

Question 2: Interest in, and practice of nonmonogamy is well-known in modern ________.
Science fiction fanzineScience fiction conventionFanFiction.NetScience fiction fandom

Question 3: Stranger in a Strange Land describes a communal group much like the ________.
Assassination Vacation1848John Humphrey NoyesOneida Community

Question 4: An exceptionally long-lived example was the Oneida Community founded by ________ in 1848.
AdulteryOneida, New YorkJohn Humphrey NoyesOntario

Question 5: Noyes taught that he and his followers had undergone ________; that is, it was impossible for them to sin, and that for the sanctified, marriage (along with private property) was abolished as an expression of jealousy and exclusiveness.
BaptismJustification (theology)PredestinationSanctification

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