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Question 1: Trend following and other ________ of what other business deciders do, or of the current fashions among consultants.
Mirror neuronBottlenose dolphinIdeaImitation

Question 2: In the ________ field, the steps of making a decision may be remembered with the mnemonic BRAND, which includes
TortureHealth carePropertyHuman rights

Question 3: ________ - optimization problems in which the objective function and the constraints are all linear
Simplex algorithmLinear programmingOptimization (mathematics)Quadratic programming

Question 4: ________ - transaction before, during, and after a purchase
Distribution (business)Buyer decision processesBrandBrand management

Question 5: ________ - common behavioural and structural features that can be modelled
CyberneticsSystems theoryChaos theoryComplex systems

Question 6:
  • Decision analysis - the discipline devoted to prescriptive modeling for decision making under conditions of ________.

Question 7: Hope and fear (or colloquially greed and fear) as emotions that motivate business and financial players, and often bear a higher weight that the rational analysis of fundamentals, as discovered by ________ research
Cognitive neuroscienceNeurolinguisticsNeuroscienceNeuroeconomics

Question 8: ________ - process of weighing the total expected costs vs.
Cost-utility analysisCost overrunCost-benefit analysisBenefit-cost ratio

Question 9: Due to the large number of considerations involved in many decisions, computer-based ________ (DSS) have been developed to assist decision makers in considering the implications of various courses of thinking.
Expert systemArtificial intelligenceDecision support systemDecision making

Question 10:
  • ________ lets each member score one or more of the available options.
    Range votingCondorcet methodBorda countKemeny–Young method


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