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Question 1: Group 11 (IB,IB): the coinage metals (not an ________-recommended name) or copper family
CarbonInternational Union of Pure and Applied ChemistryIUPAC nomenclaturePotassium

Question 2: Group 17 (VIIB,VIIA): the ________ or fluorine family
Noble gasMetalNonmetalHalogen

Question 3: Group 1 (IA,IA): the ________ or lithium family
Alkali metalHydrogenNoble gasHalogen

Question 4: There are three conventional ways of numbering: One using ________, and two using Roman numerals.
Arabic languageEastern Arabic numeralsAbjad numeralsArabic numerals

Question 5: In chemistry, a group (also known as a family) is a vertical column in the periodic table of the ________.
CarbonHeliumHydrogenChemical element

Question 6: Group 2 (IIA,IIA): the ________ or beryllium family
Noble gasHalogenAlkaline earth metalPeriodic table

Question 7: The modern explanation of the pattern of the periodic table is that the elements in a group have similar configurations of the outermost ________ of their atoms: as most chemical properties are dominated by the orbital location of the outermost electron.
FranciumNoble gasHydrogenElectron shell


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