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Ground squirrel: Quiz


Question 1: Palaeosciurus from ________ is the oldest known ground squirrel, and it does not seem to be particularly close to any of the two to three living lineages (subtribes) of Marmotini.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeEuropeBalkans

Question 2: Well-known members of this largely ________ group are the marmots (Marmota), the susliks (Spermophilus), and the prairie dogs (Cynomys).
HolarcticKyoto ProtocolAlaskaBrown Bear

Question 3: The ________ of the genus Tamias frequently spend time in trees.

Question 4: The subtribes probably diverged in the early to mid-Oligocene, as primitive marmots and chipmunks are known from the Late Oligocene of ________.
South AmericaAmericas (terminology)North AmericaAmericas

Question 5: Ground squirrels may carry fleas that transmit diseases to humans (see ________), and have been destructive in tunneling underneath human habitation.
Black Death migrationBlack DeathPandemicPlague (disease)

Question 6: The ground squirrels are the members of the Sciuridae most closely related to the ________ Marmota.
GenusBiological classificationSpeciesLife

Question 7: The oldest fossils are from the Early Oligocene, more than 30 mya (million years ago), but the genus probably persisted at least until the mid-________, some 15 mya.
MiocenePlioceneLanghianGeologic time scale

Question 8: Unfortunately, the ________ of the "true" ground squirrels is less well known, beginning only in the mid-Miocene when modern susliks and prairie dogs are known to have inhabited their present-day range already.
PaleontologyGeologic time scaleGeologyFossil

Question 9: Ammospermophilus
and see text
Prairie dogAntelope squirrelGroundhogChipmunk


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