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Groton, Connecticut: Quiz


Question 1: The pharmaceutical company ________ is also a major employer.
Merck & Co.PfizerJohnson & JohnsonAmerican Express

Question 2: The Avery Point section of Groton is home to a regional campus of the ________.
Rutgers UniversitySacred Heart UniversityUniversity of ConnecticutProvidence Friars

Question 3: During ________, Electric Boat completed submarines every two weeks.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese WarWorld War II

Question 4: Lou Palazzi (1921-2007), an ________ player and umpire, was born in Groton.
Thanksgiving Classic2009 NFL seasonNational Football LeagueAmerican Football League

Question 5: The battle was fought between a small continental Army Lead by William Ledyard and numerous British forces led by ________.
American Revolutionary WarBenedict ArnoldEthan AllenMoses Hazen

Question 6: On September 6, 1781 a battle of the American Revolutionary War, The ________, was fought.
Battle of Fort CumberlandBattle of Groton HeightsBattle of RidgefieldNorthern theater of the American Revolutionary War after Saratoga

Question 7: ________, during the Civil War, wanted 3 experimental ironclad steamers to be built in private shipyards to be used against the Union’s wooden fleet.
Gideon WellesGustavus FoxFranklin D. RooseveltIsaac Toucey

Question 8: People are mainly attracted to Groton because of ________ branch of Electric Boat, its history with the Revolutionary War, battle memorials and Fort Griswold.
Gulfstream AerospaceM1 AbramsGeneral Dynamics Electric BoatGeneral Dynamics

Question 9: Groton, Connecticut was established in 1705 when it made its separation from ________.
New London, ConnecticutLedyard, ConnecticutWaterford, ConnecticutNorwich, Connecticut

Question 10: Groton received word that the war was over on February 21, 1815 and the land-locked ________ left the Thames in April, leaving Groton to resume its marine pursuits.

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