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Groove (machining): Quiz


Question 1: This depression may receive a cable, a ________ or a belt.
FiberTextile manufacturingRopeTextile

Question 2: In ________ or mechanical engineering a groove may be:
TechnologyManufacturingBiotechnologyElectrical engineering

Question 3: A depression on the entire circumference of a cast or ________ wheel, a pulley or sheave.
MachiningMachine toolMetalworkingDrill

Question 4: A canal cut in a hard material, usually ________.
Noble gasNonmetalMetalHalogen

Question 5: This canal can be round, oval or an arc in order to receive another component such as a boss, a tongue or a ________.
Washer (hardware)O-ringGasketPolymer

Question 6: This canal may receive a circlip an ________ or a gasket.
O-ringElastomerCarbon nanotubeOzone cracking


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