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Question 1: [1] They have been popularized as a comedic device on programs such as America's Funniest Home Videos, WWE Television and ________.
GoogleGoogle searchGoogle VideosYouTube

Question 2: Strikes to the ________ however, quite severely incapacitate females due to an extremely high amount of nerve endings in these structures.
UterusVulvaOvaryReproductive system

Question 3: Strikes to the groin are almost universally forbidden in martial arts competitions, including ________, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts competitions where full-contact strikes are normal and permitted.
World Boxing CouncilMuay ThaiBoxingWrestling

Question 4: The technique can be quickly debilitating, due to the large number of sensitive nerve endings in the penis and ________ of males, as well as the highly innervated vulva of females.
ProstateTesticleReproductive systemSeminal vesicle

Question 5: Testicle attacks were, however, allowed until the 1980s in Thai boxing (________).
World Boxing Council MuaythaiKickboxingSavateMuay Thai

Question 6: Potential long term health problems can arise for female victims of groin attacks including nerve damage to the clitoris, fracture of the pubic bone, and ________.
VulvodyniaBacterial vaginosisDyspareuniaVaginitis

Question 7: The Old Testament, (________ 25:11-12) states the following:
PsalmsBook of LeviticusBook of ExodusBook of Deuteronomy

Question 8: Direct strikes to the groin are generally considered illegal in ________, as well; however, in certain "hardcore" matches where the rules are relaxed, such attacks are allowed.
Professional wrestlingWorld Wrestling EntertainmentGlobal Professional Wrestling AllianceNational Wrestling Alliance

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