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Question 1: Limited examples of gristmills can be found in Europe from the ________.
Late Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesByzantine Empire

Question 2: Wheel of the 1840s-era Grist Mill at ________ in Sturbridge, MA
Fiskdale, MassachusettsSturbridge, MassachusettsOld Sturbridge VillageMassachusetts

Question 3: Phelps Mill in Otter Tail County, ________
Saint Paul, MinnesotaMinnesotaMinneapolis – Saint PaulNorth Dakota

Question 4: They also had many other ________ uses such as fulling cloth, husking rice, papermaking, pulping sugarcane, and crushing metallic ores before extraction.
EconomicsIndustrialisationIndustrial RevolutionIndustry

Question 5: A similar process is used for grains such as wheat to make flour, and for ________ to make corn meal.

Question 6: In order to adapt water wheels for gristmilling purposes, cams were used for raising and releasing ________ to fall on a material.
BlacksmithTrip hammerGoldsmithStamp mill

Question 7: The first written account is that of ________, describing the mill at Cabira, although the chronology and design of the mill are ambiguous.

Question 8: In a watermill a sluice gate is opened to allow water to flow onto, or under, a ________ to make it turn.
HydraulicsMuslim Agricultural RevolutionWater wheelAl-Andalus

Question 9: The bottom stone, called the ________, is fixed to the floor, while the top stone, the runner, is mounted on a separate spindle, driven by the main shaft.

Question 10: The grist mill at the Wayside Inn in ________
Sudbury, MassachusettsMarlborough, MassachusettsHudson, MassachusettsLowell, Massachusetts

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