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Grindcore: Quiz


Question 1: Black metal: Ambient black metal - Industrial black metal - ________ - Viking metal - Black/Doom
Death metalSymphonic black metalGothic metalDeath/doom

Question 2: [14] Seth Putnam's lyrics are notorious for their black comedy,[15] while The Locust tend toward ________ collage, indebted to William S.

Question 3: ________ and Agoraphobic Nosebleed are also prime examples.
Everyone Should Be KilledIt Just Gets Worse40 More Reasons to Hate UsAnal Cunt

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Grindcore have?
Demolition Man
Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems
An example of a blast beat
Kitchen Sink Press

Question 5: [66] Some groups, particularly Man Is the Bastard, took influence from sludge metal and ________.
No WaveIndustrial musicNoise (music)Post-industrial music

Question 6: Other groups in the British grindcore scene, such as Heresy and Unseen Terror, have emphasized the influence of American ________, including Septic Death, as well as Swedish D-beat.
Crust punkPunk rockHardcore punkStraight edge

Question 7: Journalist Kevin Stewart-Panko argues that the American grindcore of the 1990s borrowed from three sources: British grindcore, the American precursors, and ________.
Heavy metal musicHeavy metal subgenresBlack metalDeath metal

Question 8:
What format does Grindcore follow?

Question 9: [78] The 21st century also saw the development of "electrogrind" (or "cybergrind"),[79] practiced by ________ and Genghis Tron which borrows from electronic music.
Dissimulate (album)The BerzerkerAnimosity (The Berzerker album)The Berzerker (album)

Question 10: [38] Other later prominent grindcore groups of North America include Brujeria,[46] Soilent Green,[47] ________, Impetigo,[48] and Circle of Dead Children.
Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalAnomalies (album)Xenosapien

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