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Question 1: The griffin has also been the logo of SAAB-Aircraft and the company spun-out in the 1950s, ________.
Saab AutomobileSaab 900Saab 99Saab 9-3

Question 2: Its eagle's head is conventionally given prominent ________; these are sometimes described as the lion's ears, but are often elongated (more like a horse's), and are sometimes feathered.
Sensory systemBreastEarPenis

Question 3: The griffin is part of the coat of arms of ________, the oldest school in Singapore.
Raffles Institution (Secondary)Millennia InstituteRaffles Institution (Junior College)Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

Question 4: Similarly, originating from founder Simeon Reed's family coat of arms, the griffin became the unofficial mascot of Reed College, in ________ as the "protector of "man and beasts" and as the enemy of ignorance".
Lake Oswego, OregonTualatin, OregonPortland, OregonHillsboro, Oregon

Question 5: Scholar Adrienne Mayor argues that the griffin was inspired by Protoceratops fossils in ________.
South AsiaCentral AsiaSiberiaMiddle East

Question 6: Rumi is one such poet who writes in reference to griffins (for example, in The Essential Rumi, translated from Persian by ________, p 257).
Amir KhusrowHisham KabbaniAbdul-Qadir GilaniColeman Barks

Question 7: "Griffin" occurs as a ________ in English-speaking countries.
Family namePersonal nameSurnameIcelandic name

Question 8: Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, ________ uses four animals and colors to represent the four class years.
MaineConnecticutMassachusettsRhode Island

Question 9: ________ famously wrote about them is his 14th century book of travels: ...
John MandevilleSyriaIbn BattutaEgypt

Question 10: The griffin, griffon, or gryphon (Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body of a ________, the head of an eagle and the wings of a dragon.
LionCheetahTigerSpotted Hyena

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