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Question 1: [3] In the United Kingdom the most frequently used term is ________, but gridiron is also used to describe the game.
American footballGridiron footballArena footballTouch football (American)

Question 2: ________ is the most widely known of the gridiron football codes.
Touch football (American)American footballArena footballCanadian football

Question 3: The game descends from ________, itself an umbrella term for various similar codes.
Rugby footballOlympic GamesIce hockeyTouch football (rugby league)

Question 4: Canadian football is played almost exclusively in ________.
United KingdomUnited StatesCanadaBarbados

Question 5: This system was abandoned in favor of the system of ________ and hash marks now used.
Touch football (American)American footballGridiron footballFootball

Question 6: ________ is played with special rules to accommodate smaller indoor facilities.
American footballIndoor footballArena footballGridiron football

Question 7: Gridiron football is an umbrella term used to refer to several similar codes of football played primarily in the United States and ________.
BelizeUnited KingdomBarbadosCanada

Question 8: An example of a field that was marked in the original gridiron pattern was the old Archbold Stadium at ________, which has since been torn down.
Duke UniversitySyracuse UniversitySouthern Methodist UniversityNorthwestern University

Question 9: It is one of the most popular sports in the ________.
United StatesPhilippinesCanadaAlaska

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