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Griddle: Quiz


Question 1: In the industrial world usually it is a flat plate of metal (usually ________, stainless steel or cast iron).

Question 2: Made from stone or clay, it is used to cook a variety of flatbreads, such as tortilla, ________ and casabe.
ArepaRoti canaiPitaDosa

Question 3: In most cases, the steel cooking surface is seasoned like ________, providing a natural non-stick surface.
Cookware and bakewareVegetable fats and oilsCast-iron cookwareFrying

Question 4: Griddling is a cooking technique that combines traits of sautéing, toasting, simmering, pan frying, browning, blackening, ________, baking, braising, and roasting.
Smoking (cooking)GrillingBarbecueDeep frying

Question 5: Griddled foods include pancakes, oatcakes, crepes, grilled cheese, unleavened breads (roti or chapati), ________, Irish boxty and Welsh cakes.
VadaIdliSambar (dish)Dosa


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