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Question 1:
How do you write Grey matter in latin?
substantia grisea
arteria intercostalis suprema
nervus cardiacus cervicalis superior
Dioecesis Iomchiavensis

Question 2: Grey matter structures (cortex, deep nuclei) process information originating in the ________ or in other gray matter regions.
SenseOlfactionSensory systemChemosensor

Question 3: Grey matter contains neural cell bodies, in contrast to ________, which does not and mostly contains myelinated axon tracts.
Spinothalamic tractHuman brainWhite matterDorsal longitudinal fasciculus

Question 4: ________ (axon hillock, axon terminals, axoplasm, axolemma, neurofibril/neurofilament)
Schwann cellNervous systemAxonNeuron

Question 5: This information is conveyed via specialized nerve cell extensions (long ________), which form the bulk of the cerebral, cerebellar, and spinal white matter.
AxonNervous systemSchwann cellNeuron

Question 6: The function of grey matter is to route sensory or motor stimulus to interneurons of the CNS in order to create a response to the stimulus through ________ activity.
Photoreceptor cellSynaptic vesicleChemical synapseNeuromuscular junction

Question 7: ________ • Pedunculopontine nucleus • Red nucleus
White matterSubstantia nigraRaphe nucleiVentral tegmental area


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