Grey goo: Quiz

Question 1: The disaster is posited to result from a deliberate doomsday device, or from an accidental ________ in a self-replicating nanomachine used only for other purposes, but designed to operate in a natural environment.
Population geneticsEvolutionSpeciationMutation

Question 2: The term grey goo is often used in a futuristic or ________ context, as the required technologies do not yet exist.
Alternate historyScience fictionScience fiction fandomCyberpunk

Question 3: Self-replicating machines of the macroscopic variety were originally described by mathematician ________, and are sometimes referred to as von Neumann machines.
John von NeumannBra-ket notationPaul DiracQuantum mechanics

Question 4: ________ and Dorion SaganWhat Is Life? (1995).
Ernst W. MayrJames D. WatsonGeorge Gaylord SimpsonLynn Margulis

Question 5: ________ in the virtual world Second Life which work by infinitely replicating objects until the server crashes are referred to as grey goo attacks.
InternetFirewall (computing)E-mailDenial-of-service attack

Question 6: A notable example of such a work can be found in the 2002 ________ novel Prey.
Michael CrichtonJurassic ParkThe Lost World (Crichton novel)ER (TV series)

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