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Grey: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________ used by computer displays, it is created by mixing equal amounts of red, green, and blue light.
Digital cameraDigital photographyRGB color modelColor photography

Question 2: "The Gray Lady" is the nickname of ________.
The New York TimesThe Boston GlobeInternational Herald TribuneThe New York Times Company

Question 3: In the series The ________, those of magical power are described as having grey eyes.
TwitchesT*WitchesPsychokinesisTwitches Too

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Grey have?
9th At Pine
Crucifixion With a Donor
Mr. Chevy Celebrity

Question 5: In the bandana code of the gay leather subculture, wearing a grey bandana means that one is into the sexual fetish of ________.
Animal roleplayJapanese bondageBondage (sexual)Sadomasochism

Question 6: The first recorded use of grey as a color name in the ________ was in AD 700.
South AfricaEnglish languageAmerican EnglishCanada

Question 7: Rand al'Thor of Robert Jordan's ________ is described as having grey eyes.
The Wheel of TimeThe Eye of the WorldNew SpringThe Gathering Storm (novel)

Question 8: The grey wolf is the largest wild member of the ________ family.

Question 9: ________ are two seminal sword-and-sorcery fantasy heroes created by Fritz Leiber.
Robert E. HowardConan the BarbarianFafhrd and the Gray MouserSwords Against Death

Question 10: Orange          Brown | Pink          Violet — Neutral color:      ________ | Grey or Gray          Silver |      White

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