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Question 1: John Lennon at one point acquired a Nashville (double cutaway) The Animals' Hilton Valentine played a Tennessean on the classic ________.
We Gotta Get out of This PlaceDon't Bring Me Down (The Animals song)The House of the Rising SunDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Question 2: ________ uses a white falcon with the Foo Fighters in the video for Monkey Wrench and also uses a red Gretsch Fire Bird.
Dave GrohlEighties (song)Pat SmearKilling Joke

Question 3: Gretsch is a U.S. musical instrument manufacturer currently being distributed by guitar company Fender and ________ craft company Kaman.
Goblet drumDafDrumNaqareh

Question 4: At the time, only ________ and Vox mass-produced them.
Rickenbacker 4001Electric guitarRickenbackerRickenbacker 360/12

Question 5: According to Nesmith, there was a luthier in ________ that converted six string electric guitars into twelve string guitars.
Los AngelesLong Beach, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaGlendale, California

Question 6: By 1916, Fred had moved the company into a larger 10-story building in the Williamsburg district, becoming one of the most prominent American ________ makers.
Classical musicByzantine lyraMusical notationMusical instrument

Question 7: In the 1980s, rockabilly revival player ________ rekindled interest in the brand with his band The Stray Cats.
Brian SetzerBuilt for SpeedThe Brian Setzer OrchestraEmmylou Harris

Question 8: Nesmith bought himself a Gretsch Country Gentleman to convert into a twelve string, and that is the guitar he used in the pilot episode of ________, "Here Come The Monkees".
The MonkeesHeadquarters (album)The Monkees (TV series)Head (film)

Question 9: However, the single biggest contribution to Gretsch's success was the addition of ________ as an endorser.
Finger Style GuitarChet Atkins discographyChet AtkinsThe Essential Chet Atkins

Question 10: His ________ shop was made for the manufacture of banjos, tambourines, and drums.
New York CityBrooklynSuffolk County, New YorkQueens


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