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Question 1: On June 3, 1944 she married SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein who served as ________'s liaison officer on Hitler's staff.
The HolocaustHeinrich HimmlerAdolf HitlerJoseph Goebbels

Question 2: [3] In January 1945 Gretl and Eva arrived at the Reich Chancellory in Berlin to be with Hitler, but they left for ________ on 9 February because Hitler wanted Eva out of danger.
Ramsau bei BerchtesgadenFreilassingSchönau am KönigseeBerchtesgaden

Question 3: Gretl was pregnant when her husband was arrested for desertion on April 28 (or 29), 1945 in an apartment in ________, having gone missing from the Führerbunker.

Question 4: [3] According to Hitler's secretary ________, Hitler explained to her at length why he detested smoking but she would not give up the habit.
Adolf HitlerHermann FegeleinTraudl JungeDownfall (film)

Question 5: After attending the secondary school in Medingen she worked as a clerk for the publishing company of Heinrich Hoffmann, the official photographer for the ________, who also employed her sister Eva.
Adolf HitlerNazismNazi PartySchutzstaffel

Question 6: Their wedding took place at the Mirabell Palace in Salzburg[6] with Hitler,[7] Himmler and ________ as witnesses.
Joachim von RibbentropAdolf HitlerMartin BormannJoseph Goebbels

Question 7: Margarete “Gretl” Braun (born 31 August 1915 in Munich - 10 October 1987) was one of the two sisters of ________.
Adolf HitlerEva BraunBlondiDownfall (film)

Question 8: Born in Munich, Gretl Braun was the youngest of three daughters of school teacher Friedrich "Fritz" Braun and Franziska "Fanny" Kronberger, who both came from respectable Bavarian families and she was raised as a ________.
BishopCatholicEcumenical councilCatholicism

Question 9: She was a member of the inner social circle of ________ at the Berghof and became the sister-in-law of the Nazi dictator following his marriage to Eva hours before they committed suicide together.
SchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerNazi GermanyNazi Party


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