Grenoble Institute of Technology: Quiz

Question 1: Département Télécommunications (ENSIMAG-ENSERG), founded in 1999: trains engineers to master the design and use of computer and telecommunication tools: VLSI and computer design, ________, telecommunications and networks, electronics.
Software designSoftware engineeringComputer programmingSystems engineering

Question 2: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electrochimie et d'Electrométallurgie de Grenoble (ENSEEG), founded in 1921: trains engineers in the fields of physical chemistry, materials science, process engineering and ________.
ElectrochemistryInorganic chemistryAnalytical chemistryChlorine

Question 3: Most of the INPG is located in ________, except for the ESISAR which is located in Valence.
VaujanyVienne, IsèreGrenobleVoiron

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