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Greifswald: Quiz


Question 1: Greifswald is internationally known due to the university and the ________ gas pipeline project.
Northern Lights (pipeline)South StreamDruzhba pipelineNord Stream

Question 2: Greifswald and Stralsund are the largest cities in the Vorpommern part of ________.
OstvorpommernMecklenburg-VorpommernWestern PomeraniaDemmin (district)

Question 3: Tourism plays a vital role as Greifswald is situated between the islands of Rügen and Usedom on the popular German ________, which brings in many tourists.
Black SeaNorth SeaArctic OceanBaltic Sea

Question 4: Eldena Abbey and the major buildings of Greifswald were erected in ________ style.
Brick GothicTallinnGermanyOstsiedlung

Question 5: ________ Communications F & E produces goods here as well.
Metro AGAllianzE.ONSiemens

Question 6: From 1949 to 1989, Greifswald was part of the ________.
Communist RomaniaEast GermanyCommunist stateSoviet Union

Question 7: Soon other wars followed: the ________ and the Swedish-Brandenburg War both involved the then Swedish town of Greifswald.
Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)Polish–Swedish warsPolish–Swedish War (1600–1611)Polish–Swedish War (1626–1629)

Question 8: Greifswald has a port on the ________ as well as several marinas.
Baltic SeaNorth SeaArctic OceanBlack Sea

Question 9: The nearest larger towns are Stralsund and ________.

Question 10: Greifswald is at an equal distance to Germany's to largest cities, ________ (240 kilometers (149 mi)) and Hamburg (260 kilometers (162 mi)).


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