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Gregory of Nyssa: Quiz


Question 1: Gregory thus shared ________'s conviction that man's material nature is a result of the fall and also Origen's belief in ultimate, universal salvation.
Church FathersJeromeOrigenEarly Christianity

Question 2: ________, a major influence on Gregory, had explicitly argued that God is limited, an essential notion in Platonism, since to be limited is to be clearly defined and knowable.
JeromeChurch FathersEarly ChristianityOrigen

Question 3: Some historians identify Theosebia the ________ as his wife, others hold that she, like Macrina the Younger, was actually a sister of Gregory and Basil.
New TestamentDeaconessOrthodox ChurchBaptism

Question 4: Thus he is a major figure in the history of ________ and spirituality.
Divine simplicityApophatic theologyMonotheismJewish philosophy

Question 5: The first is his doctrine of the Trinity, a development of the theology of Basil and their mutual friend ________.
Basil of CaesareaJohn ChrysostomGregory of NazianzusAthanasius of Alexandria

Question 6: Like earlier authors, including Philo, he uses the story of ________ as an allegory for the spiritual life.

Question 7: [2] Eastern theologians also dispute the Western interpretation of Gregory as a philosopher and in specific one of ________.

Question 8: He was a younger brother of ________ and a good friend of Gregory Nazianzus.
Byzantine RiteBasil of CaesareaJohn ChrysostomAthanasius of Alexandria

Question 9: He was present at the Council of ________, and later at the Second Ecumenical Council (381) which took place in Constantinople.

Question 10: His significance has long been recognized in the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Roman Catholic branches of ________.
BaptistChristian denominationChristianityEcumenism


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