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Question 1: It has also been used in ________'s main theme, Ave Satani.
LadyhawkeSuperman (film)The OmenLethal Weapon

Question 2: Scholars postulate that this practice may have been derived from cheironomic hand-gestures, the ekphonetic notation of ________, punctuation marks, or diacritical accents.
Byzantine musicByzantine calendarByzantine EmpireByzantine literature

Question 3: ________ chants are often composed of an amalgamation of various stock musical phrases, pieced together in a practice called centonization.
MagnificatGregorian chantSarum RiteResponsory

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Gregorian chant have?
One Day Week
Three Weeks
Loquetur Dominus, Introit for Week XXXIV of Ordinary Time
Ordinary of military ordinariate of Belgium

Question 5: The oldest manuscripts of Gregorian chants were written using a graphic notation which uses a repertoire of specific signs called neumes; each neume designates a basic musical gesture (see ________).
Musical notationMusical scaleMusic theoryClassical music

Question 6: The Gloria recites the Greater ________, and the Credo intones the Nicene Creed.
DoxologyChristianityPsalmsLord's Prayer

Question 7: The use of chant as a cantus firmus was the predominant practice until the ________ period, when the stronger harmonic progressions made possible by an independent bass line became standard.
BaroqueMannerismWestern art historyRenaissance

Question 8: ________ have their roots in Jewish prayer hours.
Canonical hoursOrthodox ChurchMatinsLiturgical book

Question 9: Around 678, Roman chant was taught at ________.
Kingston upon HullPeterboroughYorkLeicester

Question 10: These traditions may have evolved from a hypothetical year-round repertory of 5th-century plainchant after the western ________ collapsed.
Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireRoman RepublicWestern Roman Empire

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