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Greg Palast: Quiz


Question 1: In their report, which was published in October 2008 in ________, they concluded that the 2008 Election had already been stolen.
Rolling StoneEMIHot PressNME

Question 2: ________
United States presidential election, 2004 timelineUnited States presidential election, 2004Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 20042004 United States election voting controversies

Question 3: - '________ & The Economic Conquest Of Iraq', Greg Palast
Petroleum2000s energy crisisPeak oilOPEC

Question 4: The ________ Raycas radar system would not have detected Bligh Reef itself - as radar, unlike sonar, is incapable of detecting objects under the waterline of a ship.
RaytheonAIM-9 SidewinderAIM-120 AMRAAMAGM-65 Maverick

Question 5: Palast is originally from Los Angeles, and was educated at the ________,[8] and eventually earned an MBA.
Northwestern UniversityIllinois Institute of TechnologyUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Question 6: Greg Palast Tracks Vulture Funds Preying on African Debt - video report by ________
Democracy Now!Marc CooperPacifica RadioAmy Goodman

Question 7: Palast says the emails show a plan to target likely Democratic voters with extra scrutiny over their home addresses, and he also believes Rove's plan was a factor in the firing of ________.
United States District Court for the Canal ZoneUnited States territorial courtUnited States AttorneyUnited States district court

Question 8: [4] His work frequently focuses on ________ malfeasance but has also been known to work with labor unions and consumer advocacy groups.
Companies lawCorporate lawCorporationCompany

Question 9: Palast does not deny that he was involved in filming the facility (as part of a documentary on the alleged mishandling of ________).
Hurricane RitaHurricane CamilleHurricane KatrinaHurricane Wilma

Question 10: A ________ adapting Palast's newest book, Armed Madhouse, is currently in progress.
ComicsGraphic novelComic bookAmerican comic book

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