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Question 1: The progressively colder waters of North Atlantic Current sink in the Arctic Ocean, returning south in the form of cold ________, an important part of the Atlantic conveyor belt.
Antarctic Circumpolar CurrentThermohaline circulationGulf StreamEast Greenland Current

Question 2: Large invertebrates, fish (such as ________, herring, redfish, halibut, and plaice), birds and mammals (including seals, whales, and dolphins) all feed on the smaller invertebrates and small organisms.
Atlantic codSillaginidaeWild fisheriesCod

Question 3: To the southeast, behind the ________ island lies the vast expanse of the Norwegian Sea, of which Greenland Sea may be considered an extension.
NakhchivanCrimeaGuernseyJan Mayen

Question 4: On the North. A line joining the Northernmost point of Spitzbergen [sic] [Svalbard] to the Northernmost point of ________.
GreenlandAzoresFaroe IslandsMadeira

Question 5: Across Fram Strait to the northeast the sea is delimited by the ________ archipelago.
Bear Island (Norway)SvalbardBarents IslandEdgeøya

Question 6: On the East. The West coast of West Spitzbergen [sic] [island of ________].
SpitsbergenBear Island (Norway)EdgeøyaSvalbard

Question 7: This arm of the Arctic Ocean is the ocean's main outlet to the ________[2].
Atlantic OceanPacific OceanIndian OceanSouthern Ocean

Question 8: The Greenland Sea is densely inhabited by the organisms that form the base of the oceanic ________.
Food chainCarnivoreHerbivorePredation

Question 9: The Greenland Sea is the northernmost part of the North Atlantic Ocean immediately south of the ________.
Indian OceanPacific OceanArctic OceanSouthern Ocean

Question 10: Greenland Sea is bounded to the west by the island of ________, and to the south by the Denmark Strait and Iceland.
GreenlandAzoresMadeiraFaroe Islands


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