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Question 1: Sundry artifacts found within the ________ people's areas confirm that the Eskimo people, along with their sledges and dogs originated from Siberia.
EskimoInuitInuit languageFirst Nations

Question 2: [2 ] As a result of living in a pack structure very much similar to their ________ forebears, the Greenland dog takes a very firm and confident owner to make a good pet.
Gray WolfCoyoteCougarRaccoon

Question 3: The ________ were the first Europeans to settle in Greenland and subsequently became aware of these dogs.
VikingDenmarkViking AgeScandinavia

Question 4: Greenland dogs belong to the ________ breeds, a group of dogs characterized by their prick ears, curly tails and thick coats and are among the oldest known dog breeds in the world today.
SpitzGuard dogDog typeAncient dog breeds

Question 5: In Greenland this breed exists in much the same condition as it had when originally arriving there, and is kept as chiefly as a ________ valued for its strength and speed rather than a malleable temperament.
RabiesCoat (dog)Working dogDog breed

Question 6: [1] This is an ancient breed, thought to be directly descended from dogs brought to ________ by the first Inuit settlers.
GreenlandFaroe IslandsAzoresMadeira

Question 7: Greenland dogs have been used on many expeditions by explorers, the most famous being ________.
Henry DunantUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesFridtjof NansenInternational Committee of the Red Cross

Question 8: Remains have been found in the ________ that have been carbon dated to around 7000 BC.
Anzhu IslandsBolshoy Lyakhovsky IslandKotelny/Faddeyevsky IslandNew Siberian Islands

Question 9: The Greenland Dog (Danish: Grønlandshunden, "The Greenland's Dog") is a large breed of husky-type ________ kept as a sled dog and for hunting polar bear and seal.
DogCanine reproductionCoat (dog)Dog health


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