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Question 1: The walls of the Green Room were hung with a moss green watered-silk chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy and Stéphane Boudin in ________ and manufactured in France by Tassinari et Chatel.

Question 2: President ________ signed the nation's first declaration of war in the Green Room (see War of 1812).
James MadisonAlexander HamiltonThomas JeffersonJames Monroe

Question 3: As a part of the refurbishment the painting The Builders by ________ was acquired for the Green Room by the White House Acquisition Trust.
Jacob LawrenceRomare BeardenHarlem RenaissanceCharles Alston

Question 4: The coral color in the upholstered chairs and in the striped drapery fabric was intensified to a more vibrant shade bordering on ________.
Coral (color)Rust (color)Persimmon (color)Vermilion

Question 5: [1] The Builders and Sand Dunes at Sunset, Atlantic City by ________ are the only two paintings by African-American artists in the White House permanent collection.
Henry Ossawa TannerAtlantaHenri MatisseUnited States

Question 6: They are topped by a hand-carved, ________ American eagles with outspread wings.

Question 7: Eleanor Roosevelt entertained ________ here, and President Kennedy thought it the most attractive and restful room on the state floor.
Amelia EarhartArthur GodfreyClyde Edward PangbornRichard Evelyn Byrd

Question 8: [3] Based on the 1792 painting; “General George Washington before the Battle of Trenton” by ________.
Saratoga campaignAmerican Revolutionary WarAlexander HamiltonJohn Trumbull

Question 9: Following the 1816 rebuilding inventories suggest the room initially contained French Empire items bought by President ________.
James MadisonJames MonroeAlexander HamiltonThomas Jefferson

Question 10: Clement Conger, the new White House curator appointed during the Nixon administration, had completed substantial Chippendale and neoclassical interiors at the ________.
Under Secretary of State for ManagementUnited States Department of StateUnited States Secretary of StateBureau of Diplomatic Security


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