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Question 1: Expansion growth from Halliburton and ________, as well as other oil companies, created a mini-boom for Green River and its sister city, Rock Springs.
Humble OilStandard OilExxonMobilExxon

Question 2: ________ mining from trona veins 900 and 1,600 feet (490 m) deep is a major industrial activity in the area, employing over 2000 persons at five mines.
Sodium carbonateSodium bicarbonateSodium chlorideSodium hydroxide

Question 3: ________ | Grand Teton | Great Basin | Powder River Country | Red Desert | Yellowstone
Custer, South DakotaBlack HillsSouth DakotaRapid City, South Dakota

Question 4: The ________ contains the world's largest known deposit of trona ore.
Colorado PlateauGreen River (Utah)Colorado RiverGunnison River

Question 5: The city council was recently criticized for its handling of a ________ ban, which caused several residents to question the council's motives.
TobaccoSmokingCannabis (drug)Tobacco smoking

Question 6: Green River is a city in and the county seat of Sweetwater County, Wyoming, ________, in the southwestern part of the state.
PhilippinesCanadaUnited StatesAlaska

Question 7: The mining operation is less expensive for production of soda ash in the United States than the synthetic ________, which predominates in the rest of the world.
Solvay processSodium bicarbonateSodium carbonateLeblanc process

Question 8: The city was the starting point from which John Wesley Powell started his famous expeditions of the Green River, the ________, and the Grand Canyon in the late 1800s.
Colorado RiverArizonaWestern United StatesNevada

Question 9: [5] Green River was originally supposed to be a the site of a division point for the ________, but when the railroad finally reached the point, officials were surprised to find that a city had already been established there.
Union Pacific RailroadSouthern Pacific Transportation CompanyChicago Great Western RailwayChicago and North Western Transportation Company

Question 10: As of the ________[1] of 2000, there were 11,808 people, 4,177 households, and 3,212 families residing in the city.

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