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Question 1: One of the criteria by which Greek temples are classified is the ________ chosen as their basic aesthetic principle.
Capital (architecture)Classical orderCorinthian orderDoric order

Question 2: The emphasis on the pronaos already occurred in the slightly older temple of ________ at Tegea, but there it was repeated in the opisthodomos.
AthenaDemeterGreek mythologyGreece

Question 3: For example, there are two examples of temples with uneven column numbers at the front, Temple of Hera I at Paestum[30] and Temple of Apollo A at ________ [43].
BruttiiMetapontumThuriiHeraclea Lucania

Question 4: Roughly beginning with the erection of the older ________ of Ephesos around 550 BC[50] the quantity of archaeological remains of Ionic temples increases.
Temple of ArtemisDidymaEphesusGreek temple

Question 5: In the light of this mutual influence it is not surprising that in the late 4th century BC temple of ________ at Nemea, the front is emphasised by a pronaos two intercolumniations deep, while the opisthodomos is suppressed.
ZeusCronusGreek mythologyApollo

Question 6: The impressiveness of the internal aisle could be emphasised further by having a third row of columns along the back, as is the case at the ________ and at the temple of Zeus in Nemea.
Greek templeAthensParthenonAncient Greece

Question 7: The Temple of Hephaistos at ________, erected shortly after the Parthenon, uses the same aesthetic and proportional principles, without adhering as closely to the 4:9 proportion.

Question 8: This idea was later copied in Didyma, Ephesos and ________.

Question 9: An innovative Ionic temple was that of ________ in Epidaurus, one of the first of the pseudoperipteros type.

Question 10: The edicts of Theodosius I and his successors on the throne of the Roman Empire, banning pagan cults, led to the gradual closure of Greek temples, or their conversion into ________ churches.
Catholic ChurchChristianityJesusChristian


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