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Greek military junta of 1967–1974: Quiz


Question 1: Thus, the defining characteristic of the Junta was its staunch ________.
Lech WałęsaBoris YeltsinAnti-communismMikhail Gorbachev

Question 2: US support for the junta, which was violently anti-communist, is claimed to be the cause of rising ________ in Greece during and following the junta's undemocratic rule.
African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Central Intelligence AgencyUnited StatesAnti-Americanism

Question 3: Papadopoulos intended to establish a ________, with extensive powers vested in the office of President, which he held.
PhilippinesUnited StatesParliamentary systemPresidential system

Question 4: This antagonised many but especially the ________ whose primary exponents were the students.
Central EuropeSoviet UnionIntelligentsiaRussia

Question 5: While the physical collapse of the junta as a government was immediately caused by the Cyprus debacle, its ideological collapse was triggered by the 1973 ________.
MetapolitefsiGeorgios PapadopoulosKonstantinos KaramanlisAthens Polytechnic uprising

Question 6: One such politician, George Rallis, has recounted he had proposed that, in case of such an "anomaly", the King should declare ________, as the monarchist constitution permitted him.
PakistanUnited StatesMartial lawIsrael

Question 7: As it turned out, the constitutional crisis did not originate either from the political parties, or from the Palace, but from middle-rank army ________.
SiegeWarChemical warfareCoup d'état

Question 8: He is the only known anti-junta resistance activist to have sacrificed himself and he is considered the precursor of later student protest, such as the ________.
Athens Polytechnic uprisingGeorgios PapadopoulosMetapolitefsiKonstantinos Karamanlis

Question 9: This trial was followed by a second trial which centered on the events of the ________ and a third called "The trial of the torturers".
Georgios PapadopoulosAthens Polytechnic uprisingKonstantinos KaramanlisMetapolitefsi

Question 10: The colonels preferred to call the coup d'état of 21 April a "________ to save the nation" ("Ethnosotirios Epanastasis").
Political philosophyAnarchismKarl MarxRevolution


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